PRENATAL MASSAGE – How to give yourself a pregnancy massage – Belly edition

Prenatal massage to release tension that occurs during pregnancy due to the growing belly. Safe for all trimesters. What to expect: a brief overview of prenatal massage benefits and tutorial of different techniques on how to give a prenatal massage to yourself. 

Since we are oiling our bellies several times a day anyway, it’s easy to combine this with a short pregnancy belly massage. Easy to implement and very beneficial. Learn the best prenatal massage techniques. One of the most valuable pregnancy hacks I’ve learned. 

So If you’re looking for a a guide how to perform a pregnancy massage at home, then watch this video.

Blonde pregnant Woman doing goddess yoga pose, Prenatal Yoga

Do give all the techniques a try throughout all trimesters, they will feel best as soon as you start showing.

Watch the video below. Feel free to practice along with me. 

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Don’t hesitate to leave a comment on how you experienced the asanas whilst practicing or adding any of your own favorite techniques. Don’t miss the perineal massage to prevent tearing. Stay tuned for more.


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