Yoga poses for pregnancy

Looking for effective yoga poses during pregnancy?
I put together this short & easy guide to my personal favorites. Wether you’re looking for yoga poses for the first trimester or even down to the third trimester. This is not a full class, I’m only sharing some prenatal yoga poses that I think every pregnant woman should know. Easy to implement into every workout or morning routine to get your juices flowing for the upcoming day. Remember: During pregnancy everything is different, even the poses you are used to don’t feel quite the same anymore.
Blonde pregnant Woman doing goddess yoga pose, Prenatal Yoga

This is my personal selection of the best yoga poses to make you feel great during pregnancy. Building both strength and balance, let me guide you through.

Watch the video below. Feel free to practice along with me. Again, this is not a full pregnancy yoga class, it’s a little cumulation of poses suitable for pregnancy. Explore and integrate them into your own practice or practice them on their own. Wether you are a regular yoga practitioner or beginner. Make sure you give them all a try, you never know what you might learn. Do give them a try.

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Don’t hesitate to leave a comment on how you experienced the asanas whilst practicing or adding any of your own favorite poses.

This set is about activating, energising poses. There also is a video for relaxing poses. Try these if you’re feeling stressed or before bed.

From my heart to yours,